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stepp                                    roads hotel                                   for a list of local lore indiana

      The History:                                                                         The History:                                                                      Areas in Indiana:

The Stepp Cemetery has many different stories        In the small town of Atlanta, Indiana located     As there are so many locations with in  
attached to it and it’s the center of many           within Hamilton County, there sits this Historic  Indiana, please click the link below to 
local urban legends. The complete history of         Landmark. Although locals of the town tell us     see all locations Indiana has to offer.
this cemetery is not exactly clear but it is         that the Historic Roads Hotel was built prior
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stull cemtary                  Missouri State Pentatory               castle

     The History:                                                                              The History:                                                                    Areas in Kansas:

Stull Cemetery, and the abandoned church          During the years of 1953 and 1954 there                As there are so many locations with in       
that rests next to it, is located in the          had been a rash of prison riots across the             Kansas, please click the link below to 
tiny, nearly forgotten Kansas town of Stull.      United States. Many feared the Missouri system         see all locations Kansas has to offer.
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Video clip of the month:

Watch the light anomaly at the bottom of the door, you also hear people running up the stairs when no one else is in the house after the light goes back under the door.

Audio of the month (Clearest EVP ever):

Picture of the month:

pic of the month 2 Smoke is coming from the haunted picture which we have two haunted artifacts on top of the car. The other pictures showed no smoke. If you would like to email us to ask any questions, need help or want to send us any pictures please click the link below. EMAIL WPRS ksteiner.wabashparanormal@gmail.com 

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