About W.P.R.S.

The W.P.R.S. Mission.

Wabash Paranormal Research Society (WPRS) are dedicated investigators who bring professionalism, personality, and confidentiality to each case we investigate. We understand that it is tough to call someone like us, and we respect your right to privacy. Some of our investigators have lived with paranormal activity and can identify with others who may be dealing with the same situation.  We are currently based out of the Lafayette Community.

Our goal is to document, and hopefully someday scientifically prove the existence of the paranormal.We take what we do seriously, and are here to assist people who are experiencing unusual, frightening, or seemingly unexplainable events. When we are invited into your home or business, you can expect to meet a professional team who will respect both your property and your privacy, as well as understand the fact that you may be frightened and confused. We will listen to your experiences and concerns. Then we will set up equipment and begin trying to recreate and debunk personal experiences in an attempt to find good evidence either for or against paranormal activity. We will document and analyze all of our findings during your investigation and attempt to determine the true nature of the activity. We will then share our findings with you and come to a conclusion. We will then help you to understand some of the nature of the problem supplying you with the information to understand why this is happening and how little danger is actually involved. WPRS hopes that through scientific research and a common sense approach, we can achieve a better understanding of this phenomena.

All findings presented to our clients and shown on our website have been analyzed by WPRS members. We make every attempt to identify and explain everything we find that is questionable. We only present to our clients what can not be explained by natural or man-made occurrences. WPRS feels that skepticism, common sense and an open mind is essential when researching and investigating the paranormal and that all reasonable explanations should be ruled out prior to declaring an experience to be paranormal in nature.

We do this free of charge.

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