“NAT” Private Home Investigation

I can’t tell you where this location is at; well I will only say that it is located in Wolcott, Indiana but that is all I can tell you, the owner of this home does not want their information put out on the website, but what I can tell you is that we got a lot of EVP’s great evidence from this location, I have uploaded one video. At the beginning we start with one flash light, then we put down three flash lights and get a lot of great responses. We ask for certain flash lights to come on and they do. There are also a few EVP’s. I have not marked them but I want you to tell us what you hear. Later we will post what we think is being said. Enjoy!!

Private Home Investigation “Nat” 38 minutes long but worth watching, trust me on that!!!

Private Home Investigation “Nat” 5 minutes in the closet!!

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